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Lee Kit Miu

Oct 1975
Dynasty of Troubled Sui and Tang  Lee Jiu  Jan 1976
Legend of Condor Heroes  Wong Yong Apr 1976
Return of The Condor Heroes Wong Yong Jul 1976
Heroes of Guangdong Fong Wing Chun Sep 1976
History of Pugilistic World Zhu Qi Qi Jan 1977
Small VS Big Hong Lat Jiu (Red Chilli) Jun 1977
Righteousness Choi Wai Kuan Sep 1977
Dream of A Red Mansion Suet Bo Chai Oct 1977
Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain Yuen Ji Yi Apr 1978
Love Affairs  Fan Ling Dai Jul 1978
The Wind and Thunderous Sabre

Ma Fong Ling


Michelle's first hosting programme was Touring Round The World. Legend Of Condor Heroes was the pioneer of the swordfighting drama, it's martial art was real and authentic, and it was also the first ever Louis Cha's based-on-novel TV series. Its theme song and series was well-known. This had even paved Michelle onto the path of fame as she casted as the smart and witty Wong Yong, who was well-liked by all....

Name of Drama Casted as Year 
On the Water front Lit Yin Yin Mar 1980
Dynasty Lui Sei Niong Jun 1980
Fatherland() Radical City Shi Ting Ting Nov 1980
Tai Chi Master (1) Tou Choi Yi (Kam Lei Nei) &  Princess Kam Mei Nei Dec 1980
The Coma Suet Bo Kei Apr 1980
Princess Cheung Ping Princess Cheung Ping Jun 1981
The Legendary Fok Jiu Sin Nam Sep 1981
Tiger Hill Trail Kong Man Ying Jun 1983
The Undercover Agents Yin Mou Yau Apr 1984
Chronicles of The Shadow Swordman Wan Lui May 1985
Legendary Prime Minister Zhuge Liang Siu Kiu Dec 1985
Emperor Qin Shi Huang Suet Ying Mar 1986
Lady CID Cheng Mui Zhan Oct 1986
Laugh In The Sleeves Shan Fong Hei , Ho Lei Na Jun 1987
Spirit Ha Ji Guan  Feb 1988
Love Between The Legal Web Shu Man Jun 1988
The Unexplainable Mystery Margie Fong Kei Aug 1988
Storm In October Angel Cheng On Kei Oct 1988
The Lady Enforcer Yi Hei Wah Aug 1989
Heaven’s Retribution Shan Suet Ying  Jul 1990
Bloodshed Over The Forbidden City Empress Dowager Ci Hei Sep 1990
Last Song for Killer Bak So Bing 1990
The Good Fella From Temple Street Chueng Wai Tark May 1991
Return To The Truth Lam Shu Han 1991
Queen of the Opera Hong Kin Lui 1992
Casanova In China Mui Lan Sin 1992
Mythical Crane and Magical Needle Lan Choi Dip 1992
Justice Bao Yuet Ming Ju  Jan 1996
Return of The King Of Gambler San Siu Zhun Apr 1996
The Snow Is Red Lip Mei Niong 1997
Venture Against Time Cheng Mei Kuen  Feb 2003


Name of Drama

Casted as Year  
The Twins Su Ying Sep 1979
The Legend of the Beggar So Siu Ling Sep 1982
The Formidable Lady From Shaolin Yim Wing Chun Feb 1988
Mind Our Own Business Cheng Yu Ju 1993 – 1995
Down Memory Lane Yuan Sau Lan 1995
Justice Pao (The Unforgettable Bar) Dou Sap San  Feb 1996
Reaching Out Chan Giu Feb 2001 
The Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre Yan So So Apr 2001
The Academy Ivy Chan Yin Teng Apr 2005
The Gentle Crackdown Kam Ying Jun 2005
Into Thin Air Kong Lai Ping Oct 2005
The Brink of Law Sung Kam Chi Jan 2007
Heart or Greed Ling Li Apr 2007
Moonlight Resonance

[Best Actress (TVB Anniversary Awards 2008)]

"Best Drama Performance by an Actress 2009" Award at the Asian Television Awards held in Singapore and the "Most popular Hong Kong / Taiwan Actress" Award on the Annual Gold TVS Awards 2009 held in Guangdong, China.

Yan Hong July 2008
Beyond The Realm of Conscience Zhong Xue Xia Oct 2009
The Season of Fate Wang Yeuk Lam Jan 2010
Beauty knows no Pain Noble Wang Jul 2010
Show Me the Happy Qi Quan Nov 2010
The Confidant Empress Dowager Cixi Nov 2012

Name of Drama Casted as Year 
Miracle of the Orient ( Siu Yin Hong , Onn So 1992\1996
Heroes Of Zhu Jiang Poon Choi Hong 1984
Adventure Of Chor Lau Heung (Legend Of The Crimson Moon) So Mong Mong 1985
Romance of The Maples Leaves Chun Man Fung Jul 1986
the Sweet-scented Osmanthus In August Princess Lan Hin Yuk Dec 1988
The Royal Sword Hon Yu Si 1989
Legend Of A Beauty Gu Fong ,      Shiong Goon Hong 1991
Below Lion Hill, Shelter For you    
AIDS Carrier   1991

Under the eaves

Mrs Jiang 1992
CYC Family Ah Suet Apr 1993
Cash Is King Leung Bing Bing  Feb 2002
The Rainbow Connection Michelle Nov 2005
Wayang Boy    

Musical Stage Performance
Name of Drama Casted as Year 
Legend Of White Snake Maiden Siu Qing (Green Snake) 1982
Cyrano De Bergerac Ho Yok San Jun 1990
The Heavenly Girl Heavenly Girl Jul 1992
The Flirty Doctor Doi Sik Yan Jan 1995
My Date With Spring Kam Lu Lu Jun 1996
Hu Du Men Yip Yuk Seung Oct 1996
The Butterfly Lover   Nov 2001
My Date With Spring Kam Lu LU Mar 2013
Chassing the Impossible Princess Mao Ling Jul 2013
To Blossom With Love Qing Ke Qing & Fairy Feb 2014

Mainland China 
Name of Drama Casted as Year 
Police Vs Banditti Cai Yuet Mui Jan 1997
Bond Of Friendship Ling Fung 1998
Four Women Conflict Yin Xi Hong Jun 2009
A Xi Fang Yu Ping Mar 2010
Pretty Maid Yu Ru May 2010
Heroic Legend Ye Ying Ying Aug 2011
Wholeheartedly love you   2011
Mystery in the palace Empress Feb 2012
The Xuanyuanjian Goddess Jul 2012
For the Sake of Beauty Zou Empree Feb 2013
Republican allies and enemies Chen Shu Qin Apr 2013
Barth God and Earth Grandmother Bai Su Su Jan 2014
The deer and the Cauldron Empree Dec 2014

Dream of A Red Mansion – Suet Bo Chai (1978)

Read Lips (1980)

The Butterfly Murder Ching Ying Zi (1979) The Mortal Storm - Xang Xiao Ming (1980)
The Ambitious Kungfu Girl Tin Si Si(1981) The Desperate Trio (1980)
Black Guide (1973) The Star, the Rogue, and the Kung Fu Kid (1980)
Evidence – Michelle (1974) We're Going To Eat You (1980)
Thousand Miles Escort (1976) The Mad, Mad, Mad Sailors (1980)
The 36 Grazy Fists (1977) The Prohibited Area - Lee Yuk Fung (1981)
Four Two Six (1977) Here Comes The Wolf (1981)
Edge of Fury (1978) First Exposure (1982)
Ten Tigers of Shaolin (1978) The Return of Pom Pom (1982)
Funny Kungfu (1978) And Now, What is Your Name? –Denise (1984)
Bruce Lee's Fists of Vengeance (1978) Dress Off For Life (1984)
Fist of Fury 3 (1978) Dragon Loaded 2003 (2003)
He Who Never Dies (1978) Moving Targets (2004)
Chilvary of Conspiracy (1978) When Beckham Met Owen (2004)
Kungfu Vs Yoga (1978) Ab normal Beauty (2005)
Twins of Kungfu (1979) New Born (2005)
Crazy Hustlers (1979) Naraka 19 (2007)
Jade Swan (1979) Playboy Cops (2008)
The Final Duel (1979)  

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