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     Looking at her petite frame, tiny waist and line-free face, you’d never guess that veteran actress Michelle Yim is pushing 40. But only when she starts talking about her “early days” – she means the 1970s – do you realize how far she’s come from being a hopeful dancing trainee and how strong her star power must be for having survived so many years in the entertainment business.

    “I thank my mother for encouraging me to take this path,” Michelle smiles. “It was she who first saw an ad inviting youngsters to sign up for acting classes with the then Shaw Brothers Training School. I was actually more interested in dancing at that time, but as the acting school needed students for its first class. I decided to give it a try.”

      From an extra on the set, Michelle has moved to become one of the most recognizable faces in the Chinese movie industry, having made over 50 films in her career that has spanned more than 20 years.

    You’ll soon see Michelle in Cash Is King, Channel U’s blockbuster serial which also stars 70s Taiwanese heart-throb Chin Han as her husband. What’s it like working with a man who has the sex symbol of his time?

  “He’s a very nice man, a gentleman,” she smiles. “He’s like an older brother to me. He doesn’t have a temper and is easy to work with. He also leads a very healthy lifestyle!”

  Make no mistake, Michelle is not about to fall head over heels for her co-star. In fact, when it comes to romancing her screen partners, she’s only been rumoured to be romantically linked with her long-time reel lover, Damien Lau Song Yan. But Michelle says, “Let’s not rake up the past.”

Finding Love

  During her heyday in the 1980s, Michelle was the queen of  pugilistic movies and television serials like Return of The Condor Heroes. Understandably, the beauty has had several proposals thrown her way, but for pratical reasons, she has never said yes.

  “Marriage is an important thing. It takes a lot of commitment – in both time and affection. Because of my career, I couldn’t make those commitments,” she shrugs.

But Michelle has just found a man she can rely on. She declines to reveal his name, but concedes that he’s a businessman she’s known for a long time. The relationship never got serious until recently.

  “He is very warm and compassionate,” she shares, her eyes lightning up. “He is also a very independent person, which is important as we both need our personal space. But most of all, he genuinely cares for others.”

  The couple is often involved in charity work in Hong Kong, and it is also through this shared interest that their love grew.


Charity Queen

  Michelle is no newcomer to charity work. In fact, she is a regular face at some Hong Kong hospitals, where she turns hairdresser for the patients there.

  “Once a month, a group of volunteers and I drive to hospitals to give the elderly patients there haircuts,” she explains. “These patients are too ill to make a trip to the hairdresser’s, so we do it for them on the spot. It’s a really rewarding and fun experience.

Business Tee Off

     From acting to hairdressing, Michelle will stop at nothing to keep herself busy. She ‘s now deeply involved with Wana Sports, a new line of golf wear apparel that she’s marketing. So far, she has hooked the likes of Samo Hung and Simon Yam to be their spokespeople, and is in talks with some local companies to retail the brand here.

    ”I’m trying to cut down my on my acting commitments so I can lead a fuller life,” she reasons. “I missed out on being a teen as I into acting so young. So I don’t want to miss out my personal life now… before I know, it will pass me by.

I Love Chocolates!”

     She has wrinkle-free skin and her waist looks tinier than its 24 inches, but Michelle also has the muscles to show for her hard work. She sticks to a healthy diet and incorporates lots of exercise into her beauty regime. “I can go vegetarian for long periods without any problem. I only take lean meat when necessary and avoid all dairy products. At my age, watching what I eat is important not just to keep trim, but also for health! I love seaweed and chocolates, which I’ve read are good for health too,” she shares with glee.

     Michelle also endorses the Japanese brand Squina. “I use its skin care products, which work for me. Basically, I believe in cleansing my face properly and going without make-up when I’m not working, to let my skin breath. Moisturising is a must! I use La Prairie moisturizer.”

    Michelle says she’s never had cosmetic surgery to maintain her looks and figure, but doesn’t spurn its benefits. “I see no harm in wanting to make yourself look and feel better. If plastic surgery does it for you, go ahead, but I don’t believe in adding things to the body to make it look better, like silicone implants. Reconstructive surgery, like creating double-eyelids, however, is fine,” she says.



Michelle & Chin Han

Michelle & Wan Chi Keung



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